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Welcome to Panna Trading. If you are looking for information that has to do with plastics, then you are at the right place. Having been in existence for over 19 years, we have the experience, expertise and passion to produce quality products in a timely manner. We listen to your needs and come up with a well thought out customized product factoring in your special requirements to finer details. Our approach is to create a professional and working relation with all our clients so that we meet all their needs in as far as plastic products are concerned. It is our capability to listen to finer details that has set us a cut above the rest in manufacturing relevant plastic products cutting across a varied industrial sector, from food to mining, to mention but just a few.

According to experts, developing of aquaculture can contribute to the alleviation of food insecurity, malnutrition and poverty through the provision of food of high nutritional value, income and employment generation, improved access to water, enhanced aquatic resource management and increased farm sustainability. Following the watershed developments in aquaculture over the last two years, Zimbabwe is poised to develop the fish farming potential of the country. Like other livestock, fish will only achieve optimum growth rates when they are thriving and free from stress and disease. As the country gears up to tap its enormous fish production potential under the Command Fish Programme, it continues to build capacity in the area of fish health and export facilitation.

Panna Trading already boasts the largest fish farming facilitator in Zimbabwe and there is scope to grow small-scale commercial fish production too, in a country which holds 60 percent of all dammed water in the SADC region and has desirable climatic conditions for fresh water aquaculture. Along with the rest of the world, Zimbabwe is reaping the benefits of the global Blue Revolution by developing its aquaculture potential in both natural water bodies and specially constructed ponds. It is recognized that fish farming is the fastest growing food producing sector in the world and has a key role to play in feeding an increasing world population, as fish can be produced more efficiently and cost effectively than most meat proteins. Contact Panna Trading for expert assistance in this regard. We hope you are going to be assisted as you navigate our website and be informed that your help is just a click away. Once again welcome.